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While many debtors are not in a position to pay immediately on their debt, in most cases their financial condition will improve some time in the future. Mirand Response Systems can position our clients to take advantage of those improved financial conditions.

Credit bureau reporting is an important tool in early term collection but even more importantly in long term "legacy" collection. However, with the changes that are being made and will be made in response to consumer advocacy changes by the regulatory organizations, it is important that the information residing at the bureau be accurate and current and that personnel be in place to respond to debtor requests to clear their reported accounts.

MRS will set up the reporting mechanism through the existing automated relationships with the major credit reporting agencies. MRS will provide monthly updates to all files, make file corrections as needed, and retain personnel to work with the debtor to clear their balances and update their bureau report.

The credit bureau presents itself as a significant tool in optimizing a client's future collection results and there is no cost to the client until dollars are recovered.

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