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In house collection operations are often very costly in the early stages of delinquency. A large number of "First Calls" are made on debt that require only a courtesy call or a slight prompt from the collection staff. MRS can provide a more cost effective method of early collections. We can help you effectively manage your delinquent accounts in order to retain customers and reduce charge-offs.

With our "First Call" program you pay only for representatives in the seat. No additional cost for management, quality assurance, facilities or telecommunication. In most cases, we will reduce our client's costs by at least 50%.

Our representatives can make those "First Calls" in the name of the client working with a direct link to the client data base just as your own representatives would. Letters and phone calls can be generated from the client system or from our system. The calls are handled with the utmost care to preserve your reputation and business. We customize every aspect of our pre-collection solutions to ensure that we apply your policies to our pre-collection efforts. In doing so, we recover delinquent money while maintaining positive customer relations. Our pre-collection service can provide status reports to you on a weekly basis and will partner with your business office to resolve your account receivables.

Throughout this process you still have the security of an agency licensed in all 50 states and a staff trained in the proper collections techniques and applicable regulations.

Contact us today for more information on "First Call" pre-collection and how it can work for you.

"We tried a number of collections agencies, local and national, to collect our low balance checks. MIrand was able to put collectors on the phones, not just send a letter series and that has made the difference."

Randy Rutledge
President & CEO
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