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Our primary objective of first contact is to negotiate payment in full. We train our collectors to overcome objections and to assess the debtor’s financial situation to ascertain the feasibility of immediate payoff. If payment in full is not feasible,we establish payment plans.

We have a collector training program which focuses on security issues, federal regulations, state regulations, debtor psychology, skip tracing, credit reporting and the latest in collection technology. Our collectors use firm, but diplomatic collection strategies designed to maintain goodwill and preserve the creditor's reputation.

Our collectors understand that to return your money, we must resolve the debtor’s problems and find solutions. Our collectors are trained to be effective listeners. Listening is essential in gathering the information needed to evaluate the debtor's situation. This enables our collectors to determine the best course of action and insure swift payment of your money.

Another important factor in recovering your money quickly is the collector's ability to gain the confidence of the debtors. Treating them with dignity and respect does just this. Debtors soon learn that it is in their best interest to pay their bills. This philosophy is vital to the success of Mirand Response Systems.

How We Collect More

Collectors at MRS have virtually no turn over. We hire the right people and train them with our internal protocol so the job gets done correctly. All collectors are trained and certified by ACA International, the Association of Credit & Collections Professionals. This ensures that compliance and proper due diligence will be carried out on every account.

We directly contact, through both telephone and written communications, your customers to procure payment of outstanding debts. Our collection department consists of an on-site Director of Operations who has over 20 years of experience in the collection industry, Quality Assurance Personnel that ensures every call is in strict compliance with the law and Team Leads that motivate and train collectors on a daily basis. In addition, we skip trace every account and report to all three credit bureaus for fast recovery of your money.

In addition to an intense collection process, certain files are transferred to our Pre-legal Department. This type of contact provides the legal authority of a pre-legal approach and in some cases the basic involvement of our in- house counsel. This approach has proven to be an effective means of obtaining payment.

Litigation is the last resort to our collection efforts. We begin litigation with our in house legal department, and if necessary, utilize our own nationwide network of experienced attorneys to ensure payment in full of your accounts.

Beyond our technology and a strong management team, we are able to provide unrivaled service for two reasons: first a talented workforce trained in the art of collections and in the details of your business; second, a workforce that stays with us, hence a well trained workforce. Our employees stay with us because we are considered one of the best employers in Jamaica. Our retention rates run over 90%, significantly better than collection agencies in the U.S.

"As a national banking organization, compliance is a top priority. Mirand Response Systems has kept us compliant, state and federal, while achieving results that exceed their competition and our expectations. We consider them an outstanding partner."

Robert Marling,
CEO & Chairman,
Woodforest National Bank
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