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The purpose of most businesses is to grow. The challenge, however, is twofold: how to successfully manage all of the back office functions while generating enough sales to grow your business.

We are a debt collection agency that will help your business profit by recovering bad debt on your behalf. We have a reputation for professional, effective and successful activity in the line of debt recovery. At Mirand Response Systems, Commercial Collection Agency, we have the accounts receivables and financial solutions that will help you attain your business goals. By providing your business those critical back office functions, we free up your time to attend to your business.

Debt Collection Strategy

Mirand Response Systems provides a unique approach to the recovery of your commercial debt. Unlike most agencies, every step of our process is monitored by our managing counsel. We are also able to bring significant resources from the retail side our business in locating debtors and identifying assets-giving us immediate leverage for collection of your debt.

Procedural Review

Our process starts with a review of all information on the debt, including a determination of the current status of any assets, all actions taken to date and the validity of actions taken to date.

Debtor Review

Following the procedural review, we conduct a debtor review. In this review our goal is to determine the appropriate debtor(s) and any guarantors that may be liable on the debt. Contact information is established for all debtor(s) and guarantor(s) and an assessment made of the financial resources of the debtor(s) and guarantors.

Collateral Review

The next step is collateral review. We determine the current status of any collateral, primary or secondary and the marketability and/or revenue value of that collateral.

Collection Action

Phone calls and special correspondence will, in most cases, be our first approach. Our managing counsel will follow up and based on the assessment will recommend any legal action we think is appropriate and with client approval take that action.

There is no charge until we collect your debt. Our contingency fees are extremely competitive, but more importantly our success rate is significantly better than the industry meaning an improved bottom line for clients.

"The nature of our debt, contract penalty for early termination, makes us a very difficult client for most collection agencies. Mirand was able to put together a great combination of standard collections coupled with legal options. It has significantly improved our recovery dollars."

Charles Vernon,
Merchant's Choice Payment Solutions
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